First Annual Long Island Natural History Conference

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Strange Times for Jamaica Bay Terrapins
Russell Burke
(Session 3, 10:45-11:30)

In this presentation Dr. Burke will discuss the current status of diamondback terrapins in Jamaica Bay, which contains perhaps the largest population of terrapins on Long Island. He will also provide an overview of the biology and life history of this most interesting reptile.  

Dr. Burke’s is interested in the ecology, evolution, and conservation biology of turtles and lizards. Most of the species he studies are either introduced species or rare species, thus population control (either up or down) is important.  A lot of    his field work takes place in the urban and suburban habitats of New York City and Long Island, so it is Urban Ecology. His major research projects involve diamondback terrapins at Jamaica Bay, wood turtles in northern New Jersey, wall lizards on Long Island, and the interplay between Lyme disease, ticks, and their hosts. He earned my M.S. in Wildlife Ecology from University of Florida and my Ph.D. at the University of Michigan in the Department of Biology. His courses at Hofstra include Ecology, Evolution, Behavior, Conservation Biology, Urban Habitats, and Ecology of Wildlife Diseases.

To learn more about Russell's terrapin research go here.

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