First Annual Long Island Natural History Conference

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Lifestyles of East Coast Butterflies
Rich Cech
(Session 5, 2:15-3:00)

Butterfly lifestyles reflect intimate links with the food plants on which they feed. Why do butterflies select only certain plants for their caterpillars? How do food plants “fight back” against browsing caterpillars? How does plant choice affect other key aspects of a butterfly's lifestyle, from when it emerges as an adult to how it spends the winter? Find the answers to these questions, plus many interesting and surprising facts about butterflies' hidden lives, in "Lifestyles of East Coast Butterflies" by Rick Cech (45 minutes – 1 hour; recommended for early teens and older)

An active field naturalist, author and photographer, Rick Cech is an affiliate curator at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History in Entomology. He is the principal author and photographer of Butterflies of the East Coast: An Observer's Guide (Princeton, 2005), and wrote "A Distributional Checklist of the Butterflies and Skippers of the New York City Area." Rick co-authored the National Audubon Society Regional Guide to Florida. His recent works include editing and photography for the iApp “Audubon Butterflies - A Field Guide to North American Butterflies,” and development of the FoldingGuides regional butterfly series.

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