First Annual Long Island Natural History Conference

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Natural History of Brookhaven National Laboratory
Tim Green
(Session 1, 9:15 - 10)

Brookhaven National Laboratory is situated in the west central portion of Long Island's Central Pine Barrens. This talk is intended to give both a historical as well as a natural history perspective of this 5,265 acre facility owned by the U.S. Department of Energy and operated on their behalf by Brookhaven Science Associates. This facility has been in federal ownership since 1917 and it's natural resources have benefitted from this ownership. The diversity of plants and wildlife found in this area reflects the various changes that this parcel has experienced over the past 150+ years from fires and the cordwood industry; through farming and the establishment of Camp Upton and mosquito ditching; and the transition to Brookhaven National Laboratory after World War II. The facility is home to a diversity of insects, reptiles and amphibians, avian species, small and medium sized mammals, fish, fungi, and plants.

Dr. Timothy Green is the natural resource manager for Brookhaven National Laboratory and the chairman of the Foundation for Ecological Research in the Northeast. In both capacities he and his staff have worked to gain a better understanding of the natural environment at the Lab and within the surrounding pine barrens. His programs have supported efforts to better understand tiger salamander biology, banded sunfish population dynamics, soil microbes, aquatic invertebrates, forest health. His programs have sponsored over 100 interns who have worked on dozens of projects over the past decade.

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