First Annual Long Island Natural History Conference

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Jamaica Bay: An Urban National Park
Don Riepe
(Session 4, 1:30-2:15)

Despite being altered, abused and next to the heavily populated boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, NYC, Jamaica Bay is home to many species of fish & wildlife. Over 330 species of birds have been recorded there along with over 100 species of finfish and 70 species of butterflies. The program includes photos documenting birds and other wildlife as well as resource management activities undertaken over the past 30 years. Don has been involved in managing for raptors (ospreys, peregrines, barn owls), butterflies & moths, grassland birds and is co-chair of the Jamaica Bay Task Force. His program will also include information about restoration and habitat management projects as well as  the many environmental issues surrounding Jamaica Bay.  

Don Riepe, has been the NY Chapter Director and leading tours for the American Littoral Society for the past 30 years and is now employed as the “Jamaica Bay Guardian.” He recently retired from the National Park Service where he worked as a naturalist and manager of the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in NYC.  Don has written many articles on natural history subjects and his photographs have been published in many journals including Scientific American, National Wildlife, Audubon, Defenders, Underwater Naturalist, Parade and The New York Times. He has an M.S. in Natural Resources Management from the University of New Hampshire and has taught a course in Wildlife Management at St. John’s University.  An avid birder, he also has a keen interest in Lepidoptera ( butterflies & moths).

Field Trip: Winter Waterfowl Workshop.
Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Meet 10am Saurday at the visitor center and learn about waterfowl behavior & biology. See many species of ducks and geese, including snow geese. Contact Don at 718 318 9344 or

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