Second Annual Long Island Natural History Conference

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Central Pine Barrens Commission

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American Littoral Society

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Second annual Long Island Natural History Conference

The second annual Long Island Natural History Conference took place Friday, December 6 at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The conference comprised sixteen presentations by leading Long Island wildlife biologists and naturalists. Videos of all sessions are available below. (Video of all Conferences is available here.) Photos from the Saturday field trip to new Fire Island inlet are available here.

Sessions and speakers:

Coastal Response to Hurricane Sandy at Fire Island, NY
        video Cheryl Hapke, USGS [more info]
Development of the Old Inlet Breach and its Impacts on Great South Bay
        video Charles N. Flagg, SUNY Stony Brook [more info]
How Superstorm Sandy Changed Sunken Meadow Creek
        video Ariana Newell, NYS Parks [more info]
American Eels in New York
        video Carol Hoffman, NYSDEC [more info]
The Long Island Mammal Survey
        video Joshua Stiller, NYSDEC [more info]
Suburban Nature and Environmentalism on Post WWII Long Island
        video Christopher Sellers, SUNY Stony Brook [more info]
Status of the Red Knot and Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow on LI
        video Steve Papa, USFWS [more info]
The Moths of Long Island
        video Hugh McGuinness [more info]
The Land of Oz: Spiders and Chiggers and Ticks, Oh My!

        video Scott Campbell, SCDHS [more info]
Home Ranges of Eastern Box Turtles at Brookhaven National Lab
        video Jennifer Higbie, Brookhaven National Laboratory [more info]
Monitoring movement and passage of fish in the Carmans River
        video Heidi N. O’Riordan, Aquatic Biologist, NYSDEC [more info]
Conservation of the Eastern Tiger Salamander on Long Island

        video Valorie Titus, Wildlife Conservation Society [more info]
The Bats of Long Island
        video Michael S. Fishman, Barton & Loguidice, P.C. [more info]
History of the Menhaden Fishery in New York
        video William Wise, SUNY Stony Brook [more info]
Carnivorous Plants of Long Island
        video Matthew Michael Kaelin [more info]
A Day in the Life of the Carmans River
        video Melissa Griffiths Parrott, Pine Barrens Commission [more info]

Download the complete schedule here: (.pdf)    (.docx)

Download Abstracts & Bios here (suitable for printing): (.pdf)

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