Second Annual Long Island Natural History Conference



American Eels in New York
Carol Hoffman

ABSTRACT:  The American eel, Anguillla rostrata, is a catadromous fish. It spends most of its life in fresh waters and estuaries, and migrates to the Sargasso Sea to spawn only once in its lifetime and die. All American eels on the east coast of North America are considered part of the same population. They are an economically important food fish and bait fish in New York. In its 2012 Benchmark Stock Assessment, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) recently declared the American eel population depleted in United States waters. This presentation will give a summary of the American eel lifecycle and biology. It will also provide an overview of the New York State DEC young of the year glass eel survey, which has been conducted annually on the Carmans River since the year 2000.

Carol has been the NYS DEC Diadromous Fisheries Unit Leader for the past 5 years. Previously, she was a Marine Biologist in the NYS DEC Shellfish Sanitation Unit. She received her M.S. in Marine Biology from the University of Oregon, and her B.S. from SUNY Stony Brook.