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The fourth annual Long Island Natural History Conference took place March 19-20 at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The conference comprised seventeen presentations by leading Long Island wildlife biologists and naturalists. Videos of all sessions are available below. (Video of all previous Conferences is available here.)

The Southern Pine Beetle Infestation on Long Island: Status and Trends
        video John D. Wernet, Supervising Forester, Division of Lands and Forests,                      NYSDEC–Region 1 and John W. Pavacic, Executive Director, Central Pine                      Barrens Joint Planning and Policy Commission [more info]

Overview and Status of the NYS DEC Colonial Water Bird Program:  Where it Has Been, Where it is and Where it is Headed
        video Chip Hamilton, Senior Wildlife Biologist, NYSDEC Region 1 [more info]

Hide and Seek in the Wilds of Long Island
        video Dave Taft, Jamaica Bay Coordinator, National Recreation Area [more info]

American Chestnut: Leading the Way to a Healthier Forest
        video William Powell, SUNY College of Environmental Science [more info]

Great Gull Island Terns: Here and There
        video Helen Hays, Director, Great Gull Island Project [more info]

To Kill a Kudzu: The Status of Exotic Invasive Plants on Long Island
        video Lara H. Pomi-Urbat, Project Manager/Environmental Scientist at Nelson,                      Pope & Voorhis, LLC [more info]

Update on The Nature Conservancy’s Shellfish Restoration Efforts in Great South Bay
        video Carl LoBue, Senior Marine Scientist The Nature Conservancy on Long                      Island and Adam Starke, Marine Scientist The Nature Conservancy
                     [more info]

Managing and Restoring Eelgrass
        video Chris Pickerell, Cornell Cooperative Extension [more info]

Barcode Long Island: Student-Centered Biodiversity Research
        video Maria Brown, Science Research Teacher, Sayville High School and
                     Bruce Nash, Assistant Director for Science, Cold Spring Harbor Lab DNA                      Learning Center [more info]

Lizards Among Us: Italian Wall Lizards in Suburbia
        video Russell L. Burke, Chair, Biology Dept., Hofstra University [more info]

Long Island’s Climate: Past and Future
        video David Black, Marine & Atmospheric Sciences, SUNY SB [more info]

Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel  
        video Carl Safina, professor for Nature and Humanity at Stony Brook                      University, Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science and founder of                      The Safina Center [more info]

The Sharks in Our Near Shore Waters: Oh, Just How Little We Know
        video Gregory M. Metzger, Marine Science, Southampton High [more info]

Science Illustration: Art as a Tool for Scientific Inquiry and Understanding
         Jan Christopher Porinchak, M.F.A; Amanda Levine, M.A.; and Amanda                    Furcall, B.A. Conservation Biology [more info]

Spreading Adders? Ecology and Natural History of the Eastern Hog-nosed Snake on Long Island
        video John Vanek, PhD candidate, Cooperative Wildlife Research Laboratory at                      Southern Illinois University [more info]

The Historical Ecology of the Great South Bay’s Blue Point Oyster
        video Jeffrey Kassner, Research Associate,
                     Long Island Maritime Museum [more info]

Drifters: a Guide to the Stray Tropical Fishes of New York
        video Todd Gardner, Suffolk Community College [more info]

Click [more info] for abstracts and bios. (Opens in new window.)

Videos for all previous sessions of the Long Island Natural History Conference are available here: 2012, 2016, 2015.

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