Fourth Annual Long Island Natural History Conference










Great Gull Island Terns – here and there.

Helen Hays, Director, Great Gull Island Project

In my presentation I will discuss management methods we have used to encourage expansion of populations of both Common and Roseate Terns on Great Gull Island. In addition, I will take you to South America and show you non-breeding concentrations of both Common and Roseate Terns we found there on surveys of the east and north coasts.

Helen Hays is the Director of the Great Gull Island Project. Great Gull Island lies at the eastern end of Long Island Sound between Plum Island and Fishers Island. The American Museum of Natural History owns Great Gull Island and her study is done under the auspices of the museum. Helen graduated from Wellesley College, then attended graduate school at Cornell and received a masters degree. She did graduate work in Manitoba, Canada, on Ruddy Ducks and made a movie about them at Jamaica Bay, New York, while working in Ornithology at the American Museum of Natural History. One day, Catherine Pessino in the Education Department at the American Museum called and asked if she would like to visit Great Gull Island. Helen accepted and has been returning ever since. Helen’s most recent honor is an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Connecticut on May 10, 2015. Email: