Fifth Annual Long Island Natural History Conference






















Wicked Neat: the Natural History of Vernal Pools

Matthew R. Burne, Conservation Director, Walden Woods Project

Vernal pools are typically small and many dry out and seemingly disappear by late summer each year, yet they are incredibly rich ecosystems with a plethora of interesting creatures and bizarre stories. We will explore the basic natural history and variety of vernal pools, and delve into the life history of some of the more unexpected organisms that rely on these temporary wetland habitats.

Matt Burne is the Conservation Director for the Walden Woods Project and Vice-president of the Vernal Pool Association. He has explored vernal pools since childhood, and been active in research and education on the topic of vernal pool ecology for many years. He is co-author of The Field Guide to the Animals of Vernal Pools, and conducted a state-wide survey of Potential Vernal Pools for the state of Massachusetts while working with the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program.