Fifth Annual Long Island Natural History Conference






















Freshwater Fishes of Long Island: What are they, where did they come from?

Chart Guthrie, Regional Fisheries Manager, NYSDEC, Stony Brook

Long Island is surrounded by saltwater, so it is not surprising that the diversity of freshwater fishes on Long Island is low when compared with the rest of New York State. Unlike the 179 species listed in the recently released Atlas of Inland Fishes of New York, Long Island freshwaters have only about 38 species of fish with naturally reproducing populations. Of those 26 are native to Long Island. We will explore the freshwater fishes of Long Island, where they came from and how they got here, with special emphasis on the species that got here on their own. We will also look at why there are some species on Long Island that are found nowhere else in New York. Finally we will address some of the threats to freshwater fishes on Long Island and look at some if the things that are being or can be done to alleviate those threats.

Chart Guthrie is the Regional Fisheries Manager with the New York State DEC. He is in charge of freshwater fisheries management in DEC Region 1, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Chart has a BS Degree in Environmental Science and Zoology from Michigan State University and an MS Degree is Aquatic Science from Cornell University. He has been managing the freshwater fisheries resources on Long Island for 35 years.