Fifth Annual Long Island Natural History Conference






















Restoring Tributaries and River Herring on Long Island

Enrico Nardone, Esq., Executive Director, Seatuck Environmenal Association

At one time all of Long Island’s coastal tributaries hosted a spring spawning run of river herring. But dams and culverts took their toll, blocking the migratory fish from accessing freshwater habitat and largely extirpating them from the region. But over the past 15 years efforts have been made to restore these ecologically important fish. This work, which has picked up steam in recent years, has been led by the Long Island Diadromous Fish Workgroup (DFWG), a coalition of government agencies and non-profits. Enrico Nardone, who chairs the DFWG, will bring us up to speed on the status of the restoration effort. He’ll detail where the fish are known to exist on Long Island, where restoration projects are underway and how the public can get involved.

Enrico Nardone has been the director at Seatuck since 2001. Prior to joining the organization he practiced environmental and land use law for a private law firm and worked as a staff attorney at the National Audubon Society. In his career, he has also spent time at the Georgetown Environmental Law Institute and The Wilderness Society.