Seventh Annual Long Island Natural History Conference














Encounters with the Raccoon and the Virginia Opossum

Dell R. Cullum
Hampton Wildlife Rescue & Rehab / Imagination Nature

Abstract: The unique characteristics and habits of the Raccoon and Virginia Opossum are described, as well as local observations, encounters and research over the past eight years on the masked genius and America's only marsupial.

Dell is the owner / operator of Hampton Wildlife Removal & Rescue (100% NO KILL Trapping) and a NYS Licensed Rehabilitator. He founded of Wildlife Rescue of East Hampton (, promoting sound environmental thinking, education and compassion towards wildlife in an effort to learn how to best live with them rather than on ways to eliminate them. Creator and producer of Imagination Nature TV (, a local series dedicated to our wildlife here and abroad featuring original photography and motion film, including anti trash documentaries and "Isabela: a Green Explorer Expedition" filmed in the Galapagos. Author of several books, including "Eden of East Hampton" and "The Wild Adventures of Scurry the Squirrel."