Seventh Annual Long Island Natural History Conference












Great Ferns I Have Known

Andrew M. Greller
Department of Biology, Queens College, CUNY

Abstract: Ferns occupy niches in almost every terrestrial ecosystem; Long Island is fortunate to have many fern families represented in its flora.  Their forms vary from tall trees to paper-thin epiphytic “films.”  Ferns formed the first land forests in Earth’s history.  They are perhaps the most beautiful leaf forms among plants today.  We will review the great taxonomic diversity of ferns, their life cycle, ecological niches, and their geological history. 

Andrew Greller, a native New Yorker, received the Ph.D. from Columbia University, in 1967. He is Professor of Biology Emeritus at the City University of New York (CUNY).  Throughout his 30-year career at Queens College, he taught numerous college- and university-level courses on botany, ecology and bioclimatology. Andy is an officer of the Long Island Botanical Society. He is a Research Associate of the New York Botanical Garden's Institute of Systematic Studies. Andy conducts original research, leads field trips, and presents lectures on a wide range of botanical and ecological topics.