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      First annual Long Island Natural History Conference

Long Island’s River Otters
        videoMike Bottini [more info]

Natural History of Brookhaven National Laboratory
        videoTim Green [more info]

Thirty Years of Marine Mammals and Sea Turtles Around Long Island
        videoRob DiGiovanni [more info]

Biodiversity and Ecological Potential of Plum Island, NY
        videoMatt Schlesinger [more info]

Strange Times for Jamaica Bay Terrapins
        videoRussell Burke [more info]

Horseshoe Crab Monitoring in New York State's Marine District and Interactions with Migratory Shorebirds in Moriches Bay
        videoMatt Sclafani [more info]

Changes to Our Flora and Fauna
        videoPeter Alden [more info]

Jamaica Bay: An Urban National Park
        videoDon Riepe [more info]

Bird Migration on Long Island
        videoShai Mitra [more info]

Lifestyles of East Coast Butterflies
        videoRich Cech [more info]

Atlantic White Cedar: Its Historical and Current Status on Long Island
        videoJohn Turner [more info]

The Long Island Alewife: Biology, Ecology and Restoration
        videoByron Young [more info]

A Frog’s Tale: The Story of a Long Island Extinction and Its Unexpected Role in the Discovery of a New Species of Leopard Frog (Anura ranidae) in the Urban Northeast
        videoJeremy Feinberg [more info]

      Second annual Long Island Natural History Conference

Coastal Response to Hurricane Sandy at Fire Island, NY
        video Cheryl Hapke, USGS [more info]

Development of the Old Inlet Breach and its Impacts on Great South Bay
        video Charles N. Flagg, SUNY Stony Brook [more info]

How Superstorm Sandy Changed Sunken Meadow Creek
        video Ariana Newell, NYS Parks [more info]

American Eels in New York
        video Carol Hoffman, NYSDEC [more info]

The Long Island Mammal Survey
        video Joshua Stiller, NYSDEC [more info]

Suburban Nature and Environmentalism on Post WWII Long Island
        video Christopher Sellers, SUNY Stony Brook [more info]

Status of the Red Knot and Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow on LI
        video Steve Papa, USFWS [more info]

The Moths of Long Island
        video Hugh McGuinness [more info]

The Land of Oz: Spiders and Chiggers and Ticks, Oh My!
        video Scott Campbell, SCDHS [more info]

Home Ranges of Eastern Box Turtles at Brookhaven National Lab
        video Jennifer Higbie, Brookhaven National Laboratory [more info]

Monitoring movement and passage of fish in the Carmans River
        video Heidi N. O’Riordan, Aquatic Biologist, NYSDEC [more info]

Conservation of the Eastern Tiger Salamander on Long Island
        video Valorie Titus, Wildlife Conservation Society [more info]

The Bats of Long Island
        video Michael S. Fishman, Barton & Loguidice, P.C. [more info]

History of the Menhaden Fishery in New York
        video William Wise, SUNY Stony Brook [more info]

Carnivorous Plants of Long Island
        video Matthew Michael Kaelin [more info]

A Day in the Life of the Carmans River
        video Melissa Griffiths Parrott, Pine Barrens Commission [more info]

      Third annual Long Island Natural History Conference

Effects of excessive nitrogen loading on coastal ecosystems
        video Dr. Chris Gobler, SUNY Marine & Atmospheric Sciences [more info]

White-tailed deer and their influence on forest vegetation
        video Thomas Rawinski, USDA. Forest Service [more info]

Long Island lichens: an exploration of a hidden world
        video James Lendemer, New York Botanical Garden [more info]

Establishing phenology monitoring sites
        video Kerry Battle, President, CEO Community Greenway [more info]

The Role of ctenophores (comb jellies) in Long Island estuaries
        video Dr. Marianne E. McNamara, Suffolk Community College [more info]

Novel ecosystems: a threat to wildlife
        video Dr. Marilyn Jordan, The Nature Conservancy [more info]

Bald Eagles nesting on Long Island
        video Michael S. Scheibel, The Nature Conservancy [more info]

New York's newest immigrants: coyotes in the metropolitan area
        video Chris Nagy, Mianus River Gorge Preserve [more info]

Harbor seals at Cupsogue Beach: population trends and site fidelity
        video Dr. Arthur H. Kopelman,SUNY, CRESLI [more info]

Cybertracker conservation track and sign certification
        video George Leoniak, Cybertracker Conservation [more info]

Status of orchids on Long Island
        video Dr. Eric Lamont, LIBS, and Tom Nelson [more info]

Management, urbanization, and isolation on grassland biodiversity
        video Polly Weigand, Suffolk Soil & Water Conservation [more info]

Breeding birds of Long Island: past, present, and future
        video Eric Salzman, Bard member, SOFO [more info]

Sharks and rays of the New York seascape
        video Merry Camhi, Director, NY Seascape [more info]

Coyotes on Long Island: a participatory framework for planning
        video Dr. Mark Weckel, American Museum of Natural History [more info]

Falcons on FIRE (Fire Island Raptor Enumerators)
        video Drew Panko, Trudy Battaly, Fire Island Hawk Watch  [more info]

      Fourth annual Long Island Natural History Conference

The Southern Pine Beetle Infestation on Long Island: Status and Trends
        video John D. Wernet, Supervising Forester, Division of Lands and Forests,                  NYSDEC–Region 1 and John W. Pavacic, Executive Director, Central                  Pine  Barrens Joint Planning and Policy Commission [more info]

Overview and Status of the NYS DEC Colonial Water Bird Program:  Where it Has Been, Where it is and Where it is Headed
        video Chip Hamilton, Senior Wildlife Biologist, NYSDEC Region 1 [more info]

Hide and Seek in the Wilds of Long Island
        video Dave Taft, Jamaica Bay Coordinator, National Recreation Area
                 [more info]

American Chestnut: Leading the Way to a Healthier Forest
        video William Powell, SUNY College of Environmental Science [more info]

Great Gull Island Terns: Here and There
        video Helen Hays, Director, Great Gull Island Project [more info]

To Kill a Kudzu: The Status of Exotic Invasive Plants on Long Island
        video Lara H. Pomi-Urbat, Project Manager/Environmental Scientist at                   Nelson, Pope & Voorhis, LLC [more info]

Update on The Nature Conservancy’s Shellfish Restoration Efforts in Great South Bay
        video Carl LoBue, Senior Marine Scientist The Nature Conservancy on Long                   Island and Adam Starke, Marine Scientist The Nature Conservancy
                  [more info]

Managing and Restoring Eelgrass
        video Chris Pickerell, Cornell Cooperative Extension [more info]

Barcode Long Island: Student-Centered Biodiversity Research
        video Maria Brown, Science Research Teacher, Sayville High School and
                  Bruce Nash, Assistant Director for Science, Cold Spring Harbor Lab                   DNA Learning Center [more info]

Lizards Among Us: Italian Wall Lizards in Suburbia
        video Russell L. Burke, Chair, Biology Dept., Hofstra University [more info]

Long Island’s Climate: Past and Future
        video David Black, Marine & Atmospheric Sciences, SUNY SB [more info]

Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel  
        video Carl Safina, professor for Nature and Humanity at Stony Brook                  University, Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, and founder                  of The Safina Center [more info]

The Sharks in Our Near Shore Waters: Oh, Just How Little We Know
        video Gregory M. Metzger, Marine Science, Southampton High [more info]

Science Illustration: Art as a Tool for Scientific Inquiry and Understanding
         Jan Christopher Porinchak, M.F.A; Amanda Levine, M.A.; and Amanda                  Furcall, B.A. Conservation Biology [more info]

Spreading Adders? Ecology and Natural History of the Eastern Hog-nosed Snake on Long Island
        video John Vanek, PhD candidate, Cooperative Wildlife Research Laboratory                   at Southern Illinois University [more info]

The Historical Ecology of the Great South Bay’s Blue Point Oyster
        video Jeffrey Kassner, Research Associate,
                  Long Island Maritime Museum [more info]

Drifters: a Guide to the Stray Tropical Fishes of New York
        video Todd Gardner, Suffolk Community College [more info]

      Fifth annual Long Island Natural History Conference

Horseshoe Crabs: Global Conservation Icon in Dire Straits
video John T. Tanacredi, Ph.D., Dept. of Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental           Studies, and Director of CERCOM, Molloy College MORE INFO

Freshwater Fishes of Long Island:
What are they and where did they come from?
 video Chart Guthrie, Regional Fisheries Manager, NYSDEC,
          Stony Brook MORE INFO

Restoring Tributaries and River Herring on Long Island
 video Enrico Nardone Exec. Director Seatuck Environmenal Association MORE INFO

Herpetofauna of the Northeast Coastal Region
 video Alvin Breisch, Roosevelt Wild Life Station,
          College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse MORE INFO

What's so special about the Long Island Dwarf Pine Plains?
 video Jessica Gurevitch, Ph.D., Department of Ecology and Evolution,
          Stony Brook University MORE INFO

The American beachgrass microbiome:
Spying on private conversations underground
 video Javier A. Izquierdo, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Biology,
          Hofstra University MORE INFO

Plankton blooms, decreasing temperatures, and recent fishkills:
Is there a connection?

 video Sixto Portilla, The Graduate Center, CUNY MORE INFO

What Every Naturalist Should Know About the Geologic History
and Glacial Geomorphology of Long Island
 video Dr. J Bret Bennington, Department of Geology, Environment, and Sustainability, Hofstra University MORE INFO

From Plankton to Whales: Why our local waters are worth protecting
 video Christopher Paparo, Marine Sciences Center Manager, Stony Brook University,           School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences MORE INFO

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna: A Fish Without a Country
 video Bradley S. McHale, Northeast Branch Chief
          National Marine Fisheries Service MORE INFO

Wicked Neat: the Natural History of Vernal Pools
 video Matthew R. Burne, Conservation Director, Walden Woods Project MORE INFO

Long Island’s Role in the Comeback of the Great White Shark
 video Tobey H. Curtis, NOAA – National Marine Fisheries Service and
          University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth MORE INFO

Salt Marshes: A Natural and Unnatural History
 video Judith S. Weis Dept. of Biological Sciences,
          Rutgers University, Newark MORE INFO

Plum Island: Biological Linchpin of an Archipelago
 video Louise Harrison, New York Outreach Coordinator Plum Island Campaign,
          Save the Sound MORE INFO

     Sixth Annual Long Island Natural History Conference

video Whales of New York City and the Return of the Humpback Whale
 Paul L. Sieswerda, President, CEO, Gotham Whale MORE INFO

video Atlantic Sturgeon: Life History, Management and Research
Kim McKown, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Marine Invertebrate and Protected Resources Unit Leader MORE INFO

video Long Island's Coastal Plain Ponds: A Unique Ecosystem Under Threat
Steve Young, Chief Botanist, New York Natural Heritage Program MORE INFO

video The Very Last Timber Rattlesnake
Ted Levin, naturalist and writer, author of “America's Snake: The Rise and Fall of the Timber Rattlesnake MORE INFO

video New York Seagrass Conservation Activities

video Restoring Oyster Reefs in Hempstead Bay:
Methods, Results and Future Directions

James P. Browne Ph.D., Dept. of Conservation and Waterways, Town of Hempstead MORE INFO

video Conservation Updates: Bald Eagles
Kevin Jennings (NYSDEC) MORE INFO

video Conservation Updates: River Otters
Mike Bottini (L.I. Nature Organization) MORE INFO

video Conservation Updates: River Otters

video Conservation Updates: Coyotes
Frank Vincenti (Wild Dog Foundation) MORE INFO

video The Future of Brook Trout in Long Island: Long Term Thinking Christopher Aigner, President of Long Island Chapter of Trout Unlimited MORE INFO

video White-tailed Deer Biology and Monitoring Methods for Landowners
Sue Booth-Binczik Ph.D., NYSDEC MORE INFO

video Bat Conservation on Long Island and the Case of the Northern Long-eared Bat (Myotis septentrionalis)
Samantha Hoff, NYSDEC and SUNY Albany MORE INFO

video Conservation Updates: Diamondback Terrapins
Russ Burke (Hofstra) MORE INFO

video Conservation Updates: White Sharks
Frank Quevedo (SoFo) MORE INFO

video Conservation Updates: Plum Island
Louise Harrison (Preserve Plum Island Coalition) MORE INFO

video Long Island’s Goatsuckers:
Whip-poor-will, Chuck-will’s-widow, and Common Nighthawk

John Turner, Seatuck Environmental Association MORE INFO

video Tracking Spotted Turtles Over the Year
Mike Bottini, Long Island Nature Organization MORE INFO

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